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What Our Client Says

When we needed to expand our growing business, ECS Pvt. Ltd. was there to guide us through each stage of the loan process. With the help of Hamara loans services, we are able to cater all types of segments. Our brewery wouldn't be the sucess it is today wihout Hamara Loan's confidance in our business and it,s future.

Vishal Gokhale

Director of Gokhale Construction

There are 30 plus banks, hundreds of unique products and each bank have its own set agenda. So to get independent and objective advice we approached Excellent Capital. Their team carefully analyzed our situation and advised us the most suitable way to get funds. It is only because of their extensive knowledge and fast process that we could get desired funds well on time.

Dr.Robbin Ghosh

Director, IBS School

I would highly recommend Excellent Capital to anyone who needs experts help in financial advisory and tax and regulatory services. They are easy to approach and they clearly explain every necessary detail you needed to know that not only gave you a piece of mind but all the advice and information is very helpful in the long run. I believe it is there team’s collective effort in every single that makes him quite different from others.


Excellent Capital is one of the best funding advisors I know. They have a very solid knowledge of loan and banking products. And have acquired approvals for our multiple projects. We freely recommend our elite customers to consult Excellent Capital who are prepared to deal with unforeseen situations, leaving us free from worries.

Amol Gore

Marketing and Sales head, Mohar Builder