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Project Funding

Excellent Capital helps you with the go-to and how-to strategy on raising funds for your project. We have been instrumental in helping various organizations, institutes, and startups in raising funds.

Our team plays a two-way role. First, our team analyzes funding needs of your project or venture and assesses all the pros and cons of every major source and then reverse-engineer the way how investors will evaluate a venture before funding.

What makes the difference

Years of experience

Our years of experience on how an investor thinks and specialized knowledge in all the aspects of how to obtain funding – has consistently helped our clients.

in-depth knowledge

Our in-depth knowledge and practical considerations to better understand various funding options and select the one most suitable for your business.

collaborative relationship

Ability to build a collaborative relationship with different stakeholder like lenders, investors, legal entities, turning funding process faster and smoother.

transparent process

Absolute transparent process and a knowledge of complete scenario (worst, neutral, best).

drive clarity

Ability to break down the complex funding processes and drive clarity so that you can make well-informed decisions and have total control

global network of investors

And most importantly, clients turn to us for our ability to connect with the global network of investors and expertise to identify people that would invest.

How we help you

Give you experts help in structuring the project to meet funding requirements.

Evaluate funding needs, the economic viability of the project and identify the investors - venture capitalist, angels, and banks, national and foreign investors.

Help prepare an optimal financial model, financial and legal structure, market go-to strategy and project pitch.

Develop preliminary information memorandum including:

Debt/equity ratio; Length of debt and its repayment schedule; Drawdown schedule for debt and equity; Interest rate and fees to be charged by lenders; Lenders' control over the project company's cash flow; Provisions for prepayment; Lenders' security; Covenants or undertakings by the project company

Help with all the due diligence of project and security documentation and agreement and address all the issues that might arise during due diligence.

Prepare the appraisal memorandum that includes; projects financial, technical, commercial, marketing and management information.

Create project's risk matrix and report on how these risks can be mitigated.

Help prepare the final information memorandum including:

Project summary; Project company structure; Stakeholders financial position, experience, and the nature of their involvement; Market situation and analysis; Technical details of the project; Project contracts summary; Project costs and financing plan; Risk analysis; Financial analysis.

Ensure all legal approval and prepare accurate clauses so there are no surprises or issues for both the parties.

Create a robust entry and exit strategy.

Complete hand holding in project related tax and legal issues, preparation of necessary project ownership, loan documentation, and other contracts.

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