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Private Equity

Every organization at some stage of their development (initial, growing or matured) need external capital and business advisory so as to overcome their developmental challenges and thus realize and grow at their full potential and manifest future goals. Excellent Capital leverages its team expertise and knowledge of leading practices in private equity empowering clients with a broad range of services from fund raising and investing, to nurturing portfolio companies and exiting. Utilizing our practical experience we help our clients not only to deal with the organization and execution, working with Investee Company and exit planning but also with all the governance, risk and compliance services, tax and regulatory services, transaction services, operating model, policies and procedures needed in complete private equity life cycle.

Here’s how we help our PE clients

Using our comprehensive approach we help clients with not just the financial part of deals, but also the debt advisory, business advisory, operational and strategic guidance needed.

Client share the business plan, Financials, Legal documents etc with us

The number crunching begins with drafting one-page teaser to detailed models and deal memorandums

Utilizing our global network we approach investors based on their strategic investment criteria. We help create pitch and proposals.

Our experience and extensive research help us negotiate the right value for our clients business.

We step in to assist our clients in financial due diligence process to make it seamless and transparent

Transaction closure happens in nearly 2-3 months from the start

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