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Corporate Restructuring

An effective corporate restructuring means turning your organization leaner, better organized, more efficient and more focused on your core business. And so each restructuring scenario demands different expertise. Every organization to sustain and boost its growth has to relentlessly adapt to consumer, competitive, operational, regulatory and financial challenges, and this, many a time, demands the restructuring of business – mergers, and acquisition, demergers, turn around and amalgamation. Whether you are a healthy organization and seeking to multiply your growth or your business is stagnated and you need to correct these problems safely, for a smoother, more economically sound business operations, we at Excellent Capital closely work with you in these crucial business stages, helping you in all the aspects of corporate restructuring - strategic, legal, operational, accounting, taxation, funding, valuation, equity and governance issues. Our experts in various domains carefully analyze your situation, identify problems, component to elevate and accelerate, identify performance enhancers, limiting factors, gain cooperation and approvals with the stakeholders and plan and implement business reorganization and financial restructuring strategies.

What makes the difference

Passionate team

Our strength lies in the ability of our team who spend their professional life devising and implementing strategies in boosting business growth or solving complex problems of stagnated business or breaking financially distressed situations.

Multidisciplinary and sector-focused

We have the experience and knowledge of working across multiple discipline and sectors – Real Estate & Hospitality, Education, Health, Life Science, Pharma, Automotive & Transportation, Engineering, Oil & Gas , Banking & Capital Markets, Technology.

Objective guidance

As your trusted independent advisor we take a careful review of the current situation, analyze the industry trends, evaluate the feasibility of the available options and share with you the challenges, advantages, limitations, opportunities, risk, and hurdles, with a clear-cut, transparent approach.

What we do

Our experts carefully analyze your business to identify which area needs re-engineering and revitalization to work at greater efficiency. This involves and not limited to relocating resources, scrutinizing expansion to re-focus on core abilities, reorganizing legal, ownership, or other structures of a company without any third-party involvement, restructuring financial to ensure profitability and restructuring technology to embrace changing demands. It also includes Merger with Subsidiary/Group Company, Demerger, Divestment/Sale, Capital Restructuring and allied activities internal to the organization or combined transaction involving two or more of above.

When your company joins or is bought by another company our Financial restructuring experts deals with all changes your businesses make to its debts and equity, including mergers, acquisitions, joint ventures, Demerger, Divestment/Sale and other deals.

Re-structuring often demands an external outflow of capital to help the business grow, expand and sustain. At Excellent Capital we accurately forecast the working capital requirement and provide you the go-to and how-to strategy for the necessary capital. Leveraging our strong network of domestics and international investors, close relations with over 30 banks we provide a broad suite of unique services tailored to a variety of needs of businesses.

Our team of expert that involves Company Secretaries, Chartered Accountants and Lawyers understand the increasingly complex tax, regulatory and commercial laws involved in restructuring. We provide the holistic guidance around strategic business decisions, legal counsel and perform all the routine legal activities. This increases the efficiency and cuts-down the cost.

Complex Restructuring, a combination of internal and external restructuring services Business, finance, operational reconstruction Valuation and negotiation Downsizing, layoff Exit planning and implementation Bankruptcy, repositioning, or buyout Debt restructuring and financial restructuring Solvent reconstructions and liquidations Distress Crisis Management.

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