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Business Set up

Setting up your business is exciting; however, you must have a foolproof long-term strategic approach, as a well understood objective will help you make a sound decision at each step for forming your business and its implication. Whether you an MNC, setting up operations in India or a growing Indian organization expanded across different states or starting a new vertical or more – you would need experts to guide with respect to strategy, legal, compliance, financial planning, taxation, corporate governance and more. With abundant experiences spanning across various industries, at Excellent Capital, we know that it’s not just about incorporation. An organization to start, run and sustain, needs expert’s guidance at various levels. We first carefully understand your business concept, idea and purpose. Only then we provide you with the strategic advice which is seamless and hassle-free process for forming your business correctly, ensuring you are complied with the necessary rules, policies, and legalities.

What makes the difference

Consultative and NOT a transactional approach

We are not just another registration and documentation company. We work as your consulting partners guiding you to make the right at every step of the way.

Access to domain experts

You get the full advantage of our specialist in different business requirement - strategic, legal, accounting, taxation, funding, valuation, and governance issues.

End to end tailor-made solution

You get a comprehensive foolproof solution from inception to market, based on your business requirement.

Hassle-free and fast processing

Our team of professionals, manages all the approvals, paperwork, documentation and compliance, making the entire process easy and fast for you.  

Here’s how we help you

There are 4 types of companies - Private Limited Company, Limited Liability Partnership, One Person Company, and Foreign Subsidiary Company. We educate you on the type of company that best suits your purpose and then manage the entire registration process – business type, licensing, and permits.

Excellent Capital offers everything to you need to effectively manage your business finances –Taxation, working capital management and wealth management.

We work with you as an independent non-executive director so that you can leave all your legal and compliance worries to us and focus on your business. As your consultant director and legal partner, we take care of all the legal laws of the country needed for your business.

We help you with the go-to and how-to strategy for raising funds for your project. Our team evaluates your funding needs, the economic viability of the project and identifies the investors - venture capitalist, angels and banks, national and foreign investors. For business loans, we have a tie-up with over 30 leading banks and have nearly two decades of experience in loan processing and disbursement. Plus we manage all the approvals, paperwork, and documentation, compliance making the entire process easy and fast for you.

Risk mitigation is one of the most important aspects of a business. Our risk managers advice you on various methods on how you can reduce risk, be prepared for uncertain situations so that you boldly focus on your business without the anxiety of unforeseen future. Some of the way we help.

We guide you through various instruments to insure your business, assets, infrastructure and more.

Emergency situations like choked of working capital, need funds on emergency etc., we guide through the most effective ways.

How and when to exit, our experts guide you with a comprehensive strategy.

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