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About us

Excellent Capital Pvt. Ltd. offers a full spectrum of elite services around Corporate Restructuring, Private Equity, Business Set up, Project Funding and Loans.

With our simple objective to enable our client’s growth and economic progress, we offer a unique combination of personalized services, legitimate strategies, technical counsel and most important of all, the correct guidance.

As your partner, with diversified and several decades of collective experience, we go deep to understand your goals, business objectives, priorities and create tailor-made solutions that serve your short- and long-term needs.

And in doing so, we bring to your advantage our wealth of business and financial knowledge, team capabilities, global network, our research, our library of current insights and trends.

This frees your time, reduces risk and set you to prosper in domestic, as well as international market. Our army of domain experts, who have already collectively helped hundreds of clients overcome their challenges, involves highly experienced domain experts enjoying established reputation in their field.

So, from strategy to legal, law, taxation and compliance - everything at Excellent Capital Pvt. Ltd is designed to make sure you achieve the desired end result.

Where we can help you

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Business Set up

From strategic advice to legal registration, taxation & compliance, to fundraising get everything you need for setting up your business.

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Corporate Restructuring

Re-engineer and revitalize your company with our comprehensive business restructuring advisory for merger & acquisition, turn around, demergers and amalgamation.

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Private Equity

Discover how to raise Private Equity and get all strategic and legal help.

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Project Funding

Discover right investor’s pitch, market potential analysis, product launch strategy, break-even analysis, market entry and exit, and a network of domestic and international investors.

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Gain the advantage of our association with over 30 plus leading banks and extensive knowledge of banking products. We truly understand our responsibilities and the impact it creates on the overall business ecosystem and so we adhere to the highest ethical standards and discipline